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: a calendar art challenge

12 months
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Welcome to12months.

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This is a creative calendar art challenge community with monthly challenges. At th end of each month a new challenge will be posted and old challenges can be voted for.

Lately I've wondered why there are so little good calendars on the web and I felt like this is something that could be special. I feel like an award can make you get better, thrive to be better and encourage you to try give your best. Making it be printable raises the quality.

Well,calender_challenge was too long. 12months is more catchy don't you think? It was shruuf's idea.

Why a challenge and an award? The challenge, because I want to keep people from posting only fandom or fan related calendars. And award as an incentive to post and improve. There will be an award only for the best entry.

  • No flaming and no bad talk. Don't insult other people if you don't like something. Respect each other. Flaming will result in banning.
  • No OFF-TOPIC Posts. That includes Community pimpage, posting of general art and requests.
  • Do not integrate other people's art into your calendar.
  • Do not repost other peoples Calendars elsewhere without their permission.
  • You can submit 2 entries per challenge. One fandom related one, and one that is non-fandom related.
  • Create a new post for each challenge entry.
  • Voting will take place two days prior to the beginning of a new month. It ends on the last day of the month it was issued on. To make it easier..I'd like to go with European time, so if you live in the states, that's about 6 hours earlier.
  • The challenge is always for the next month.
  • You must create 2 sizes.
  • The preview image: 200x150 pixel, 72 dpi, jpg, rgb
    For the wallpaper: 1280x1024 Pixel, 72 dpi, jpg, rgb

First of all, read the rules. This is merely a Posting format.

Titel of your challenge entry in subject header
Start with: Month, Challenge Title

<center>Insert preview image tag here<br>
<a href="wallpaper" target="_blank">wallpaper version</a>

List your resources.
Make a note if you like.

What has to be on your calendar page is

a) the name of the month
b) the dates

The names of the weekdays are not an imperative. You do not have to create  cover for a calendar, or one page for each week or each day of the month. Just one page per month.

The rest is up to you. Whether you use images or typography, illustration or photography. How you position the numbers or anyhing else is your choice. Just do me a favour and don't copy totally usual calendars. It's a creative challenge and placing the numbers under one image just doesn't got it, imo.


This community is cerated and maintained by elli and shruuf.

Please mail questions directly. No posts about questions in the community. The email is elli@ex-posed.com.

If you are not sure of it, you can submit your challenge entry to artists_guild to see if you should make changes. They will beta it for you.


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